Executive Team

What's with the name?

The question “Is that odd?” is a multi dimensional question that all women understand. It involves layers of “did I miss something?”, “can you believe this?”, “show me support”, “tell me what you think if I can handle what you have to say”. The answer to “Is that odd” is usually longer than the initial story that was shared and this is where all of the fun happens as people propose their perspectives and solutions plus share their own experiences. boasts a uniquely tuned user interface for capturing those moments when a woman shares a story with her friend, and then leans in to ask, “Is that odd?” We believe that our website creates the online equivalent of how women share their stories and seek feedback from their friends.

Talk Show 2.0 is designed for women to share their stories, create polls, vote, rate and engage with each other. reflects the dynamics of a TV talk show updated for the modern Internet era. The site was designed to capture the aspects of a TV talk show set. We believe this new spin on talk shows ushers in a new format we call Talk Show 2.0.