John Crumley, VP Engineering

John Crumley is the Vice President of Engineering for Is That Odd Inc. He is responsible for SIRCLE, the demographic and psychographic tracking system which utilizes a sophisticated economic model to enable Is That Odd to match information, products, and advertisements from brands with users who are actually interested them. John’s background in building software for stock exchanges and trading firms makes him well suited to build the SIRCLE advertising platform. In addition to his work with Is That Odd, John runs TBA Enterprises, Inc which provides high end technology consulting services (strategic technology planning, system architecture, project management, and rapid implementation services) for small and medium sized companies primarily in the financial services and logistics industries. In this role, John is continually involved in a variety of high pressure, resource restricted situations ranging from running technology and development services for successful start-up companies such as YardView, to taking over broken, business critical software development projects for stock exchanges and trading firms and turning them into functioning products.

John is excited to be involved with SIRCLE and the challenge of creating an elegant and understandable solution to implement the sophistication and complexity of the concepts within SIRCLE. In his role with SIRCLE, John is responsible for providing strategic and tactical direction insuring the robust and innovative functionality which is required for ITO’s revolutionary vision is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner without compromising future requirements for rapid growth, maintainability, and enhanced functionality.

Prior to starting TBA Enterprises in 2002, John worked for eight years in consumer manufacturing where he held a series of positions of increasing responsibility culminating with the role of vice president of manufacturing for a Fortune 200 company. His involvement in plant shutdowns and start-ups, product introductions and redesigns, and management of large budgets has given him an excellent understanding of the “bottom line” to complement his extensive technology experience.

When not wishing there was more time to explore that latest innovative idea that popped up while grocery shopping, John can frequently be found sailing (he has completed the 300 plus mile race from Chicago to Mackinaw island five times) or hiking (slightly more than five Colorado fourteeners have been summated).

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