What is Is That Odd?

IsThatOdd.com is a social media website designed for women to share their stories, create polls, vote, rate and engage with a virtual community of girlfriends on the Internet. Best of all, you get paid in Odd Coins to have fun.

What is an Oddstract?

An Oddstract is how a story and a poll question are packaged together. When you create your Oddstract, you can include a photo or video or a link to news story to make your post even more interesting. You can also invite a friend who you think may be able to add to the Oddstract.

An Oddstract is a contained “episode” that captures one of our girlfriend’s stories. It is a new format that makes it easy for many girlfriends to participate.

What are Odd Coins?

Odd Coins are the official virtual currency of IsThatOdd.com. You get rewarded Odd Coins for your participation on the site. The goal is to encourage people to share entertaining stories and ask advice, just like people do on TV talk shows. IsThatOdd.com is the Internet version of the TV talk show – we call this Talkshow 2.0.

How are my Odd Coins determined?

There are a certain number of Odd Coins for each activity on the site. When you vote you earn Odd Coins. You get a lot of Odd Coins when you create an Oddstract because that creates new content for people to read. Here's a complete list of the many ways that you can earn Odd Coins on the site.

And don’t forget, each time you share your content on Facebook, you will receive bonus Odd Coins! You can do this by updating your Facebook Settings on your Profile.

How do I order a sample?

The samples are located in the Sample Shop. Here you will find the available product samples along with the cost of each sample in Odd Coins. You can click on the sample to read more about the product and then simply click the Buy button to buy the sample. You will be asked for your mailing address for the sample to be shipped to you. If you don’t have enough Odd Coins for the sample, you can place the sample on your Wish List to save for later.

How can I gift a sample?

It’s easy to share a sample with a friend on IsThatOdd.com. When you find a sample that your friend would like, just click the Buy button. Then, we will ask for a shipping address - just select your friend’s name from your Friend list. This enables you to treat another Is That Odd girlfriend to a fabulous product sample!

How do I find friends?

You can find your friends by clicking the Find Friends tab under Profile & Settings. You can search IsThatodd.com by your friend’s name or by their email address. In addition, you can import your Gmail contacts or send an email invitation to invite someone new.

What is following?

When you find other girlfriends on the site, you can follow them. What this means is that every time that person posts an Oddstract, votes or comments, you will be alerted. You can follow people you know or just people who’s perspectives you enjoy!

You can also follow an Oddstract – just click the Star icon on the Oddstract circle to add it to your Bulletin Board feed.

What are Ratings?

Ratings are similar to if you were sitting in a studio audience watching someone tell their story, there are places where you might clap or boo! The IsThatOdd.com equivalent of that is a rating. To rate a comment, place your mouse over the person’s avatar. Then, click [+] to give the comment a positive rating or [-] to give the comment a negative rating. Each Oddstract also has a rating circle that behaves in the same way. Each week we post the top ten Oddstracts and Oddstars to our ratings page.

How do other people find my Oddstract?

There are a couple of ways for people to find Oddstracts. Each new Oddstract is featured front and center on the home page as it is created. IsThatOdd.com uses Ratings to help keep track of the most popular Oddstracts on the site. Check out our ratings page to see what’s hot! Another way people will find Oddstracts depends on who they are following. A notification is issued with a new Oddstract is posted by someone you are following. You can also check into your Bulletin Board page to see a report of new Oddstracts.

What is the Bulletin Board?

The Bulletin Board is your pulse for everything you do and follow on IsThatOdd.com. It displays your history of your own activity on the site. It is your launch pad that you check into each time you sign into the site. You will also receive notifications about new samples and offers.

How do I stay current on my Oddstracts, friends, and samples?

You can stay current by checking your Bulletin Board every day to see how popular your Oddstracts have been, who is commenting on your Oddstracts and whether you have any samples to look at!

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you can be anonymous posting an Oddstract. Although you need to register as yourself so that we can ship product samples to you, sometimes there are some subject matters where you are more comfortable asking with your identify hidden. Just like on a TV talk show, a person’s face and voice may be digitally distorted, in order to protect that person’s true identity. When a user creates an Oddstract, she always has the option to post anonymously. Your identity will never be revealed.

Can I have my Oddstracts and votes post to my Facebook wall?

Yes. Under Profile&Settings, there a tab labeled Facebook Settings. Here you can decide which information you would like to post on your Facebook wall. You can share your Oddstracts, comments and votes with your Facebook community. You control these settings yourself and you can change them at any time. If you create an Oddstract and post it anonymously, it will not post to your Facebook page because that would reveal your identity and that would defeat the purpose of the anonymous post feature. But don’t forget, every time you do share information on Facebook, we reward you with extra Odd Coins!

Who are the Oddstars?

Oddstracts and comments get rated. Is That Odd looks at who the most popular girlfriends are for creating Oddstracts that entertain people and also the commentors. Is That Odd recognizes these achievements with an Oddstars line up. They get special treatment and a spot on the top 10 list!

Why do Brands give their samples to Is That Odd?

Is That Odd believes that people should be very involved with how companies advertise to them. We invite the brands to offer our girlfriends an opportunity to sample beauty products. Is That Odd believes this is a very elegant opportunity for the girlfriends to choose the samples they are interested in. The brands are delighted that they get to participate in a form of online product matching because the girlfriends who are most interested come forward to select the products.

I don't live in the United States, can you ship samples to me?

At this time, we can only support shipping within the United States.

What market intelligence is collected about users of Is That Odd?

Is That Odd asks you a few basic question when you decide to register on the site. We collect some demographic information such as your age, gender and zip code. We also note the types of areas on the site that each user likes. This is similar to understanding which TV programs different viewers watch. This is important because the brands who want to offer Is That Odd users free product samples want to make sure they are delivering a product experience to a consumer who the product was designed for. We pull the information together in a protected fashion in order to deliver our users a product they will like.

How do I change my email address that Is That Odd uses to communicate with me?

Under Profile & Settings, click on your Email Settings tab to change your preferences.

I forgot my password! Help!

Don’t worry... just click the “Forgot password” link on the Sign In box and we’ll send it to you.

I have a question for Is That Odd. How do I contact them?

We’re here to help! Please send your question to help@isthatodd.com

I some feedback and ideas I would like to share with Is That Odd. How do I contact them?

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please send an email to info@isthatodd.com