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  • Can't force myself to workout.

    i am such a lazy @#$%..any tips?


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  • miaj17
    miaj17 over 3 years
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    Get someone to work out with you who will push you to work out

  • vjenny211
    vjenny211 over 3 years
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    think wat you want good for your body just imajine yourself fat and imagine all the the bad stuff will happen if dont exerscie you'll get sicker easier i reccomend looking up youtube video they helped me alot and magazines the're entertaining!:)

  • vito4kaua
    vito4kaua over 3 years
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    thank u girls for ur tips.!

  • mzlourdez
    mzlourdez over 3 years
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    Do exercises you like to do and want to do, that will make it a lot easier. If you do stuff you like it makes working out seem fun and better and it will make you want to do it too?! Good luck! I also agree w/miaj17 ii think it is and work out w/someone its fun and always better then working out by urself rite?! Enjoy!!!