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  • CraveBox!

    Anyone else subscribe to CraveBox? It is a subscription box and for $10 a month they send you 4-5 craveworthy products. I love it! Last month was dry skin cream, sugar body scrub, Guerlain chocolates, dried fruit, and a tea sample. I loved the chocolates, skin cream and scrub. The dried fruit was good too. Didn't love the tea. Looking forward to...

    what they send me this month! Is it odd to get excited about this? I think it is a lot of fun for $1o.

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Is that odd?

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  • a1nettie
    a1nettie over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I love them too! I finally got accepted last month and am so happy with this subscription service!

  • jaye1975
    jaye1975 over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I'm not with their monthly sub, but I was selected for the BBQ cravebox...and I can't wait to see whats inside.