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    Hey folks, so its that time again that the spam is getting out of hand! for those of you that don't know - posting oddstracts that are only one or two words is consider spam! So is posting the same thing over and over again. Make sure you open each post and scroll the the bottom and click on the little flag icon next to "Flag this Oddstract" as either...

    spam or overposting. Either way, it will get the admins attention when all of us are flagging them! and it will get those people removed from the site! Lets keep ITO a fun place to talk and learn from oddstracts that are actually meaningful!

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  • ashleyrhochi
    ashleyrhochi over 3 years
    Vote: Yes

    i didn't know you were a mod?? Are you??

  • lemonsugar
    lemonsugar over 3 years
    Vote: No

    The spam is getting a bit ridiculous. @liquidheartz79 did you actually bother to read agela427's oddstract, she isn't complaining about the content of the post, but about the lack of content in the posts.

  • angela427
    angela427 over 3 years
    Vote: No

    @lemonsugar Oh no, I was def complaining about her posting Odds about how she masturbates. ABSOLUTELY uncalled for!

  • vito4kaua
    vito4kaua over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    Thanks for the tip,because I didn't know how to flag someone.=)

  • leehaa
    leehaa over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    in reference to @ashleyrhochi, do we have mods on this site? I thought it would be their job to take down inappropriate postings. (aka spam) does anyone know?