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Is that odd?

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  • No
  • I don't know


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  • laineybugsmomma
    laineybugsmomma over 3 years
    Vote: No

    Somtimes it's easier that way. You don't fight over the same guy (unless he's gay). You don't wear the same clothes. They don't have PMS. The list goes on and on!

  • jennyibedatfinemami
    jennyibedatfinemami over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I don't find it odd at all! I used to have a girl bestfriend and she slept with one of my boyfriends.. after that I couldn't trust anyone anymore. Then I found a guy who became my best friend. We would tell each other about our dates (Give advice, laugh at the horrors of dating lol) Then we kissed :-/ we became more than friends which can happen so i guess it depends on ur man and how he feels about you having a guy friend. Alot of guys don't trust other guys. My husband was my best friend and I love that I can say that but not everyone has happy endings like that. You might lose your friendship if anything becomes more than that. Good luck to you!

  • thiswebsitesucks
    thiswebsitesucks over 3 years
    Vote: No

    My oldest friend was a guy. He was gay (not that it matters) but he loved just about all the same things I did. After we drifted apart due to moves and jobs - I met my husband online and he is and always be my best friend.

  • marleteledford
    marleteledford over 3 years
    Vote: No

    A lot of my really close friends are guys...I just get along with them better

  • allycatsunflow3r
    allycatsunflow3r over 3 years
    Vote: No

    Just make sure you're not secretly in love with him. I was with mine, and he got killed last year, and I'm full of regret.