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  • Hair makes the woman? Really?

    so few words needed for this one: basically bf says don't cut your hair.  My hubby always has the best lines: he loves me all different ways.  Good man!  Have you ever met a guy like haircut jerk in this story?


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  • page5
    page5 over 3 years
    Vote: Yes

    My hair, my decision! Seriously, I've encountered a few jerks like this in my life and they tend to be control freaks who do not end up treating their girlfriends very well. My husband's best line "whatever makes you happy, dear." Sometimes I would like a little more input but I guess that's what girlfriends and sisters are for :-)

  • nada35
    nada35 over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    No have not had that problem. My hubby also likes the way I cut my hair. Short, bobbed, cropped, or to my shoulders (I always cut it when it reaches that point and I am at that point now, but I'm going to grow it out) A-symetrical etc. he does not mind it. I try not to keep my scissors in my house cause I impulse cut. I do however cut in layers often this helps my curls spring up.

  • skinnyshakes
    skinnyshakes over 3 years
    Vote: Yes

    well maybe its more of a suggestion and if he really has a problem with the new hair then he can get to walkin.

  • breezeinme
    breezeinme over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    Ha.... I value the opinion of a guy. sometimes we allow our own insecurities to push us to make changes... Guys sometimes reminds us how beautiful we already are... only when they're nice with it... If He wants to leave let him leave, because He knows your beauty will attract the ONE... lol

  • delama10
    delama10 over 3 years
    Vote: Yes

    Yuck! Who acts like that? I have pretty decent judgement with my hair so most of the guys I've dated in the past were fine with my decisions. My friend's BF doesn't like her cutting her hair either though. He doesn't get mad, more sad lol.