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  • Long Distant Relationships

    Whats your opinion on long distants relationships?


Is that odd?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know


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  • angela427
    angela427 over 3 years
    Vote: I don't know

    for me, they don't work. well - they don't work if there's never any hope to actually be near each other in the long run. I can't be separate from the person I care about forever.

  • lemonsugar
    lemonsugar over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    I don't think they work well, but maybe for some people they can be a good thing.

  • ashley21
    ashley21 over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    i believe in them, i think it works just fine as long as you see each other every couple weeks/months..