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  • My cat is so skinny.=(

    h eeats like crazy.He has 2 different dry foods,plus he eats 3 fancy feast cans a day. He is very active he goes out and plays with other cats comes back in the morning and sleeps all day long.I think something wrong with him.


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  • jessica24
    jessica24 over 3 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    Take him to a vet

  • willow.23
    willow.23 over 3 years
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    if hes an indoor and outdoor cat he probably has worms .

  • laurel
    laurel over 3 years
    Vote: No

    Sounds like you need a vet check up. Think about being a responsible pet owner and neuter or keep your pet indoors. Besides unwanted kittens, look up feline leukemia, worms, fleas carry disease from animal to animal. Sorry to be a downer, but I can honestly say "been there, done that".

  • thunderkiss
    thunderkiss over 3 years
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    Sound like he might have worms.

  • marnierily
    marnierily over 3 years
    Vote: I don't know

    Poor Kitty. I hope he feels better soon.

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