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  • no money:(

    dont you hate it when new makeup comes out and you really want it but your super broke:(


Is that odd?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know


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  • jonsie
    jonsie almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    I don't hate it because, I prefer to let others try new things before I spend my money. That way if its bad I can keep my money in my wallet.

  • bwill091
    bwill091 almost 4 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    I feel the exact same way! There are so many things I want to get my hands on and I just can't right now.

  • kaeleenbrave
    kaeleenbrave almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    Definitely! That is happening to me right now actually! There is so many Maybelline products I want to try. What about you?

  • sincerelymonica
    sincerelymonica almost 4 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    Yess, I need a job! :/

  • jamielynn
    jamielynn almost 4 years
    Vote: Hasn't voted

    I hate being broke no matter what, but I reeaaallly hate it when I want something AND I'm broke!

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