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  • Travelling around the world

    I have always been wishing that I could travel all over the world some day


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  • kattqd
    kattqd over 3 years
    Vote: No

    That's totally awesome.I have the same wish and i plan on doing it in about 4 years.

  • leehaa
    leehaa over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I've been to 2 countries more and plan on going to more in the future. Its a lot of fun!

  • page5
    page5 over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I love to travel also!

  • thiswebsitesucks
    thiswebsitesucks over 3 years
    Vote: No

    I've done a lot of traveling around the world. I started by getting a jar and filling it up with change and I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to save every penny I could. 2 months later I was backpacking around London. It can be done - you just have to commit to it 100%!

  • alma59
    alma59 over 3 years
    Vote: No

    Thats awesome Roseinlaw! Traveling has been my biggest dream. I know someday I will get to fulfill it :)

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