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    Anyone out there been dianoised with bi polar?
  • I have been suffering with bi-polar since i was young, i onluy got help maybe a lil under 10 yrs ago. some days are worst then others. but, since i take my meds {every day} i feel better, but there are times when the worst does get to me. I wanted to know if anyone else has had it and what type of help they get.


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  • hilybee
    hilybee almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    Not personally, but I have known many people with it.

  • brownangeleyez85
    brownangeleyez85 almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    not personally

  • ana
    ana almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    No but I do know a few people that have

  • rubyshamrock
    rubyshamrock almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    Keep up your is an ongoing struggle from what I hear and you don't want to give it any chance to gain ground on you.

  • jonsie
    jonsie almost 4 years
    Vote: No

    I have had numerous diagnosis's over the years starting when I was 17. One being Bi-polar II. My main problem has been depression with occasional periods of mania which basically gives me more energy than usual and I have trouble sleeping. I have been on diff. meds, had counseling and the typical hospital stay, but as I have aged, I've learned to cope with meds and meditation/spiritualism. If you are still at the point you need therapy find a good therapist. One who is truthful and not baby coddling to keep you coming back. Therapy is good but it becomes an addiction for some people and that tends to keep them down. I had a close friend who had dropped out of the seminary to become a priest in his early 20s and one day he said to me, "you know I have played crazy for so long to avoid life, that now I am crazy." The bottom line is its all about how you want to live your life, you can learn to cope and have a good life or use it as a crutch. I empathize with you. I hope you are able to find good help and live a life that you want to.

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