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  • Victoria Secret gift card.

    So my birthday just passed this weekends..and i got 150$ VS gift card..i need to figure out what i will buy for 75$ tomorrow so I can get a free bag!HELP.


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  • vito4kaua
    vito4kaua over 3 years
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    I am going crazy with it..thats why i don't know what to choose..I have so much stuff from VS..aa

  • nada35
    nada35 over 3 years
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    Happy b-day! Well a bra or two will get you there pretty fast. Or a sweat shirt and yoga pants. I would go crazy in there with $150 bucks!!!

  • skinnyshakes
    skinnyshakes over 3 years
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    yay so much fun! just go to the store, look at whatever you like. if you think about it now you will go crazy lol. just have fun with it